Who We Are

Who We Are:

Rock Bottom Vapes is not a mega-store or massive online retailer. We are the definition of a "mom and pop" shop that even with only 5 employees as of 2020 we supply the vaping needs of well over 100,000 people. Despite our size, we still pride ourselves on providing the personal touch you won't get anywhere else (not to mention our refusal to sell any "knock off" products, and industry-leading pricing). We continue to have the pleasure of serving thousands of customers that know our staff by name.

Rock Bottom Vapes began largely as a hobby of the founding member, Sean, in 2012 as a way to group up with other vaping enthusiasts to get quality, authentic products at a reasonable price. The impetus for the formation of what eventually became Rock Bottom Vapes was that Sean was unhappy with the options available at that time. Many storefronts charged either outlandish prices for their products or charged outrageous fees for shipping. Fulfillment times were often slow and many sold knock-off products as genuine. 

 Rock Bottom Vapes then shifted to providing factory-direct vaping products on eBay®. However, in 2013 the tides began to change concerning vaping retailers in the USA, and eBay® "soft-banned" all vaping products for US retailers. While many continued to sell their products via multiple "mega-marketplaces" run by US-based companies, Rock Bottom Vapes LLC launched a stand-alone on-line-only store in June of 2013. 

 In November 2017 we launched our retail store-front in Longwood, FL. Staying true to our core mission, our retail prices remain unbeatable. No sticker-shock here! Our in-store price is the same as our web price, we value our customers' time and refuse to engage in the very common bait-and-switch tactic of having massive mark-ups for in-person purchases.

 Our goal is to provide you with the best vaping value you can find, via top-notch service, same-business-day shipping on all orders by 3 PM EST at amazing prices.

icon-map-pointer.png   Rock Bottom Vapes, LLC
       400 North St #192
       Longwood, FL 32750

icon-phone.png  407-459-7751