The Kick by SMOK

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The Kick by SMOK

The Kick - by SmokTech

This is a power booster called The Kick by SmokTech. It is capable of working with any IMR Mod battery. It means that you do not have to use your mod using 3.7 volts which is the standard voltage output and worry about whether your tank resistance is too high or too low to work well with it. It is really easy to install and it will allow you to be able to change the wattage between 5 and 12 watts. It detects the resistance of the tank automatically and ensures that the voltage is adjusted so that the wattage required is achieved. However, it will not fit with all devices and so if you use one that takes 18650 you will have to use a 18500 battery instead so that it fits or increase the length of the tube in your mod if you have a telescoping one. It only works with metal tubed mods and they need a maximum internal diameter of 19.5mm.