Sub Tank Replacement O-Rings

SubTank O-rings in 5 colors

Genuine Kangertech Sub Tank Silicon O-Rings

These are replacer O-rings for your Kanger sub tank. They can be used to make your tank look great, allow you to recognize it as yours if you know others who have the same one and it may be confused or so that you can coordinate it with the color of your mod. There are many color options which means that you can mix and match them. You may have several tanks with different e-liquid flavors in them and want to mark them so you easily know which is which. This can be done using these rings. You can choose between red, purple, blue, black and clear and so you can choose one color to suit you or perhaps a mix of colors so that you can mix them up. At such a great price, you will not have to decide which color you want but get a selection and then choose the ones you want depending on your mood. You will then have spares in case you lose any or use them so much they break. 


  • 1 Top Glass O-Ring
  • 1 Bottom Glass O-Ring
  • 1 Airflow O-Ring (excludes nano)