Majestic Prestige Collection - #29 eJuice

Majestic #29 Bottle Pic

Majestic Prestige Collection | No. 29 eJuice | 120ML

This vape juice is from the Majestic Prestige Collection and is number 29. The flavor is smooth and creamy, like a parfait with fruits such as strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.  It comes in an elegant glass bottle with a smart looking sticker and is a clear liquid. It would make a fabulous gift for someone or a treat for yourself. There is a dropper so it is really easy to use. It is great to try different flavours and see which you prefer. This fruity flavour is sweet and tangy and so should appeal to a lot of people and add an extra layer of pleasure to their vaping experience. So why not try some luxury and see what you think of this sweet and fruity mix.