iStick Bending Adapter

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iStick Bending Adapter

iStick Bending Adaptor

This is an iStick bending adaptor for the iStick 20-Watt Mod and iStick Mini. It is a new accessory that enables you to fold your atomizer 180 degrees to the side of the mod. This makes your device much easier to carry. This way, you can preserve the threads on the iStick. It works only with the IStick mini and 20-Watt mod, not with the iStick 30-Watts or any 22mm atomizers. This can be a handy tool to have around if you have the iStick 20-watt mod with your iStick Mini. You may have already found out that your device is not that easy to carry around. Naturally, you wish you were able to make it more practical. With the iStick adaptor, you can finally adjust its shape. As you know, threads wear out and this can be a problem. Therefore, this bending adapter allows you to preserve them, making it a really useful thing to have. It is cheap too, so it can offer you excellent quality at a fraction of the cost.

NOTE:  This will not work on the iStick 30.  22mm and larger tanks will not fold down properly but will still fit for thread and pin protection.

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