Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket eJuice

Met4 Vapor | Golden Ticket | 30ml

This is Golden Ticket which is a eJuice from Met4Vapors. The taste is like chocolate milk and so very pleasurable for many people. It has the creaminess of milk and the flavor of a really well tempered chocolate. The name Golden Ticket is there because there is a chance that your package may include a golden ticket and this can be redeemed for a prize. You can choose two different amounts of nicotine either 3 or 6 mg or you can have no nicotine at all. This sweet flavor goes well after a meal or even together with a pudding. You may just like to have it all of the time though, but it depends on your taste, you may prefer a different flavor at some points in the day. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper so that it is really easy to refill your liquid using it.