Essential Elixir - Vanilla Chai Rooibos - 30ml

Essential Elixir - Vanilla Chai Rooibos - 30ml

Essential Artisan Elixir | Vanilla Chai Rooibos | 30ml

This is a vape liquid from Essential Artisan Elixirs. These have been very carefully created by a chef so that you get a layered flavor which is more natural so has less sweet and milk flavors but more herbal or spicy tastes. This can be appealing than some of the more artificial flavors available. This specific flavor is the Vanilla Chai Rooibos which is a spicy tea flavor. It is a blend of the South African red rooibos tea together with spice, almond milk and honey. This gives an experience of having a spicy drink of tea, which is pleasant and natural and will leave you feeling satisfied without an overly sweet, fruity or artificial flavor in the mouth. This is definitely something for those that prefer more natural flavors, they are still layered and exciting but in a more natural way. It is available in different nicotine levels from none at all to 3mg and 6mg amounts.