Eleaf iStick 50w Silicon Case

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Front shot of an Eleaf 50w silicon case in blue, white, and black

Protective Silicon Case for the Eleaf iStick 50W

This is a silicone case for your 50w Eleaf iStick. This is a tight sleeve which will fit right over the mod and as well as providing protection it will stop the button from rattling which is something that some users find really annoying. It comes in a selection of colors such as blue, black or white so you can the one that you like the best. The case is made by Eleaf so you know that it will be the perfect fit for your Eleaf mod. It does however only fit the 50w model, not the 20w or the 30w. It is wise to consider whether you want to make sure that your mod is protected so that it does not get scratched or damaged. You may also decide that you would like your mod to be a different colour and you could use the case to make it look funkier. You could also get more than one color so that you could have a change if you want one.