Eleaf iStick 50w Leather Case

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iStick 50W Leather Case

Protective Leather Case for the Eleaf iStick 50W

This is an attractive and handy leather case and lanyard for the Eleaf 50 watt iStick. It will provide adequate protection and a safe way to carry the device. The case has the button positions marked on it so it means that you can operate it when it is inside the case. This means that it is very convenient to use like this, you do not have to remove it from the case every time you want it. The case will allow you to keep your device protected and you can choose whether or not to use the lanyard to wear it around your neck. This could make sure that you do not lose it or be a convenient way to carry it around. It is safer than having it in a pocket or a bag where it might be squashed and switched on by mistake. This case will only fit the 50-watt version of the Eleaf iStick.