Vaping Glossary – The Ultimate Guide to Vape Terms

27th Mar 2020

Vape Terms – How Important Are They?

When it comes to the wide world of vaping, there are a lot of terms that beginners are going to struggle with. Like anybody else who is first starting out, you may get confused when people start to speak using vaping jargon. Thankfully, we understand your frustrations, and it's led to us creating this wonderful vaping glossary. Like most things in life, those that vape are already quite familiar with the slang and lingo that comes with the territory. However, if you wouldn't consider yourself to be on that side of the fence, you're in the right place.

Vaping Glossary – Terms


26650 – This is the largest battery currently used in MODs and PV's (personal vaporizers). The number actually specifies the physical size of the battery (26mm Diameter, 65mm Length)

20700 – This is the kind of battery that is traditionally used with box mods and even some mech mods. More storage and amperage power than the common 18650 variety.

510 – An atomizer that is considered to be the most common and popular choice. The threading has since become an industry standard, as most other clearomizers, cartomizers and takes use it.

401/402/403 – Sometimes referred to as m401, m402 and m402, these are e-cigarette types that are essentially the exact same; the only difference would be the length of battery life. 401's are the longest and 403's are the shortest.

306 – This is a type of atomizer that you can dispose of, but it uses the same threading as the 510. They have a low resistance, for the most part.

808 – Sometimes known as “KR808”, this is simply a style of e-cigarette to consider.

901 – These are atomizers that feature a female thread, they cannot be used with PV's that sport 510 threading (without an adapter).

18350 – This battery is relatively unused these days due to the low power output and capacity.  It was very common in 2013-2015 for small mods.  The number actually specifies the physical size of the battery (18mm Diameter, 35mm Length).

18500 – Like the 18350 this battery is relatively unused these days due to the low power output and capacity. It was very common in 2013-2015 for small mods. The number actually specifies the physical size of the battery (18mm Diameter, 50mm Length).

18650 – This is the workhorse battery of vaping / e-cigarette world.  As with the other batteries the number defines the size as 18mm X 65mm.  These are most commonly available in 2500-3000 mAh capacities.


Automatic – This is a mode that you'll find in most starter e-cigarettes and pod systems.  The battery will automatically heat up the atomizer when you draw air through it without any buttons.

Automatic Shutoff – This is a safety feature that is present in most of the popular e-cigarettes we use these days; it helps prevent the batteries from overheating or your coil getting damaged.  Most devices shut off after 10 seconds.

Amps – This is the short-form for “amperage”, in which the flow of energy for vaporizers is measured. The higher the amps, the more power you'll have when it comes to using your vaporizer.

AWG – This is known as the “American Wire Gauge”, it's the U.S. Standard for wire sizes. The thickness of a wire will determine how much resistance it has; the thicker it is, the less resistance present.

Aqueous Glycerine (AG) – This is a liquid of the VG variety, mixed together with deionized water to create a thinner fluid for improved wicking.

Analogs – This is what some vape users will refer to regular cigarettes, seeing as it's the “old way” of doing things

APV – This stands for Advanced Personal Vaporizer, and it's also referred to as mods or “mod cigarettes”. These are larger units that feature replaceable batteries, and they tend to offer up both varied wattage and voltage.


Battery – This term serves dual uses in the vaping lexicon.  In the pure sense it is the individual battery cell(s) used to power your APV/Mod.  However, it's also frequently used as term to describe a MOD, APV, or pen-style device.

BDC/BCC – These are referred to as the Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer and a Bottom Coil Clearomizer (respectively). These are the heating elements within your vape, some feature one, while others have two horizontal coils.

Blanks – These are cartridges that don't have any e-liquid in them, and for the most part, they are designed for refill purposes.

Box Mod – Box mods are APV types that are shaped like a box, and they tend to be much larger than your traditional vaporizer option. Some of these mods can play home to about 3 or 4 18650 batteries, giving it the most power that you'll come across (in most instances).

BVC – Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomizer, it's a coil that sits in a vertical orientation; allowing for improvements on your airflow.

BT – This is slang/lingo for the Big Tobacco companies that used to run our lives; now it's all about vaporizers!

Buck / Boost – This term describes the effect of the circuitry used in a VV/VW Mod.  Bucking is the process by which the voltage sent to the atomizer is below the actual voltage of the battery.  Boosting is when the voltage sent to the atomizer is higher that the actual battery voltage.


CA – Car Adapters are items that you will use to keep your vaporizer charged on the go, which is much more important than you might think!

Coil – This is the part of the atomizer that is used to heat up the e-liquid.  Coils are made from various different resistance wire such as Kanthal, Nichrome, Stainless Steel (SS316), and Titanium.

Coil Jig – This is a thin metal tool that can be used to rebuild a coil by yourself, as opposed to purchasing an entirely new one.

Charger – This item will allow you to keep your vaporizer charged and ready to go, so long as you treat it right. The batteries are rechargeable in most reliable APV's.

Cig-a-Like – This is a unique vaporizer that allows you to smoke liquids and such, but still gives off the look of a traditional cigarette.

Cartridge – This is a small mouthpiece that allows you to hold a small amount of e-liquid and a coil.

Carcinogen – This isn't slang or lingo at all, as carcinogens are simply the bad cancer-causing chemicals that you find in cigarettes.


Draw – This is the act of taking a puff or a “hit” of vape. When you hear some vape enthusiasts talking about their draws they are typically describing how tight or loose the draw is.

Dry Burn – This is the act of firing up a coil without any juice or wick; this is to burn off any residue that may be impairing the flavor on your rebuildable atomizer

Dual Coil – The atomizer, cartomizer and clearomizers feature two coils, as opposed to one. Your battery life will be reduced, but the vapor given off will be increased in abundance.

Drip Shield – The Drip shield is utilized in some tanks to prevent "spitting" of juice from the coil.

Diacetyl – This is a flavoring agent that is used in some e-liquid production, as it's known to have a very buttery flavor. It is important to avoid flavors which use Diacetyl as it's the culprit behind "Popcorn Lung".


E-Juice – E-juice (also known as “e-liquid”) is the product you actually vape which is made up of a base (typically a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin), flavoring, and most times nicotine.  

Electronic Cigar – While the name may seem quite obvious, this is a product that looks like a cigar. It's perfect for those that prefer a traditional cigar feel, as opposed to a massive box mod vaporizer.

Ego Threading – This is the standard threading that you will find within the base of both eGo batteries and cartomizers.  Unlike the 510 style threading eGo is larger and the battery has the male portion of the connector.

E-Hookah – Yet another product that can be hooked up onto a real hookah, allowing the evaporation of e-liquids.

ENDS - This is the acronym the FDA uses to define vaping products.  Specifically, it stands for Electronic Nicotine Delivery System.


Flooding – Flooding describes what occurs when too much juice gets pulled into the coil/atomizer. You will notice reduced vapors as well as a gurgling noise when this occurs.  This typically occurs if your tank isn't sealed properly are you're drawing on the tank too hard and creating too much vacuum.

Fused Clapton – This is a Clapton coil that features two (or, potentially more) core wires within.

Forums – These are online discussion boards where people come together to talk about their vaping habits. Vape terms are going to be in abundance over here, so be prepared.

Flavors – There are plenty of different flavors to choose from (in regards to e-liquids), so it's merely a matter of finding one that you really do enjoy.


Goose Neck – This is slang for the extended mouthpiece that an atomizer can use, as it looks a lot like a goose neck. It can be customized and come in many different shapes, sizes and material types.

Grub Screw – This is a kind of clamp that the atomizer will use (it has a slightly pointed tip).


Hot Spot – If your coil(s) happen to be glowing, it means that you've got an uneven patch of heat within it. This can result in burnt wicks due to uneven heating.

HV – HV stands for “High Voltage:, which means that a certain device calls for more than the traditional 3.7 volts of power.


ICR/IMR – This stands for Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery and Lithium Ion Maganese Rechargeable Battery (respectively)

Inhale – The act of breathing in vapors, inhaling them into your system. Lung inhaling has the vapor going right to your lungs, whereas the “mouth-to-lung” inhale has it traveling from the mouth to the lungs.


Juice – This is simply a slang term for e-liquid.


Leaking – Leaking can occur when you fill a vaporizer too much, and it can damage your product if it isn't handled accordingly.

Liquid – Another slang term for the e-juice.

Li-Po – Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery

LR – LR stands for Low Resistance, referencing an atomizer or cartomizer that sports a low ohm rating. These are products that feature coils built with 1.5 ohms or lower.


Noob – Slang for someone who has just begun their journey down the vaporizer rabbit hole.

NRT – Nicotine Replacement Therapy


RDA – This is simply an abbreviation for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer”

RTA – This is another acronym that stands for “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”

Resistance Wire – This is a very specific kind of wire that is used for the coil.


Silica – This used to be the most common wicking material used in atomizers.  It is very heat resistance providing long life.  However, some people have concerns about potential health impacts of silica and have noted that it can sometime alter the flavor of your juice.  Thus, virtually all modern atomizers now use organic cotton instead.

Series – When dealing with mech mods that feature dual batteries wired in a series, this will allow your vaporizer to double the amount of power it's putting out (while lowering your battery life).

Smart Chip – This is a special chip located within your vaporizer that offers up customizable settings and many other useful options.

Starter Kit – This is a special package that many vaporizer vendors offer, particularly to those that are beginning their vaporizer journey. You'll get just about everything you need, all the way from an actual vaporizer (with charger and such), an e-cigarette, one or two atomizers/clearomizers, and even a pack of pre-filled e-juice cartridges. Starter Kits are a surefire way to guarantee your success in the vaporizer realm.


Tank – The clearomizers that sport a larger capacity will have a tank made out of glass or plastic. They will be able to hold much larger amounts of e-liquid, and they can even be customized to fit punched cartomizers or pre-built coils.

Throat Hit – When the vapor hits your throat, you'll get a sensation. This slang term is the perfect one to explain that sensation. Some people prefer a smooth one, while others want a harsher hit.

Toot – Also known as a hit or a draw, toot is simply a slang term for taking a puff.


USB Charger – Having the ability to charge your vaporizer through a USB port is an amazing one, and you'll only understand that through personal experience.

Unprotected Battery – This is a battery that doesn't have any built in over-current protection and is the most commonly used battery type for MODs.  This is why it's VERY important to always use a device that offers those protections.


Vaping – The actual process of vaping and inhaling the evaporated e-liquids.

Vaper – This is a term that people use to describe those who vape. If you're a vaper, you should brush up on your vape terms!

Vaper's Tongue – This describes the loss of tasting sensitivity due to vaping too much.


Wick – The material that wrapped around or pulled through the coil that soaks up the e-liquid when is converted to vapor when the coil heats up.

Wattage – This is the amount of power being consumed by the atomizer coil; the higher your wattage, the higher the amount of vapor being produced will be.

Wrap – This slang is used when talking about the amount of times a coil has been wrapped around. The more wraps present in a coil, the higher of a resistance it will sport.