​Vaping Experience in Higher Altitudes

​Vaping Experience in Higher Altitudes

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

If you are a committed vaper who likes to travel or visit destinations with high altitudes, then you should probably pay attention to this article. I have an interesting story to tell you about my vaping experiencing in a high-altitude location, because we all know different altitudes means different vaping experiences. 

Four years ago, I was in New Orleans, Louisiana. The altitude there is -7 feet. I was traveling from New Orleans to Springville, California to go on a family trip. The new location was elevated more than one thousand feet. I didn’t think about the altitude of the new location and how it would affect my e-liquid, let alone my vaping experience, but boy did it cause some issues.

First off, I just had my e-liquids in my luggage, which was my fist mistake. Second, I did not empty out my vape tank, which was another big mistake on my part. I should’ve done my research before traveling, I could have saved myself a lot of disappointment.

When we landed and got to our destination, I was eager to open my luggage and start vaping, but that did not happen… at least not right away. I was left with a mess! My luggage was wet with e-liquid due to the plastic containers of the juice leaking! I was not a happy camper. The increase in the pressure actually allows excess air to enter your device and tank, which causes it to leak My first thought was, “I probably should’ve emptied my tank instead of leaving it full. So, not only did my bottles of e-liquid leak, my tank did, too.

I also learned that vaping in a location with high altitudes is not exactly easy, especially trying to form vape cloud. This is due to the tank becoming flooded. The taste of my e-juice was not the normal delightful taste we all enjoy. It tasted burnt, which wasn’t the refreshing taste I was looking for.

I learned a lot from this experience, and I created tips for myself, for the next time that I travel, so these issues don’t occur again:

  • Tip #1: Make sure I place my e-juice refill bottles into zip lock bags, this way if there is a leak it will not be all over my luggage.
  • Tip #2: Carry my device on me and make sure that the tank is drained before getting on the plane (if allowed of course on flight).
  • Tip #3: Know the device inside out. Some devices are created to withstand the different altitude changes. These devices are known to have an efficient wick, which acts as a blockage for the e-liquid. The wick doesn’t allow air to enter the device, even during a pressure change, so no leaking!
  • When you have reached your destination, you should try turning it upside down, to prevent flooding of your tank and get rid of that excess air that may have entered the device.

Long story short, when traveling to high altitudes, be prepared for leaking and flooding issues. And if you aren’t prepared your trip could be ruined.