Vaping Batteries for Beginners

Vaping Batteries for Beginners

27th Mar 2020

When it comes to purchasing batteries for your e-cigs, vaporizers, pod systems, and mods, quality is a factor that you cannot afford to compromise. There are certain things that batteries must have to ensure safety of the vaping device and the vaper and last long.

The first quality that is a must look for in batteries is the specification for its current or continuous discharge rate. This will help you choose batteries that will provide you with the current you need without overheating your battery. However, batteries which support high currents have a lower capacity. Unfortunately, this means you can’t get an ultra-high capacity battery that also supports high load applications. But, remember that this factor is what enables you to use your batteries safely. With today’s mods, you are most likely to be practicing sub-ohm vaping which requires batteries which can support 20-30 Amp continuous discharge rates. If you exceed the batterie’s rating it will overheat and that ultimately leads to the scary stories we read about in the news.

Another quality to look for is the battery’s capacity. The capacity of batteries is measured in terms of Milliamperes per hour (mAh). This figure on the battery indicates how many milliamperes the batteries are capable of discharging and for how long. For example, a 2500 mAh battery will power a 500 mA load for five hours before it’s discharged. I won’t get into all of the math involved to convert this to actual runtime but can give you a high-level example. Let’s say I’m a typical sub-ohm mesh atomizer user running at 50 watts. I’ll get about 50-60 minutes of actual “vape time”. Considering your average drag lasts 4-5 seconds, I could expect about 600-750 “puffs” before I need to recharge.

The real value of this the mAh rating is to give you a comparison of battery runtime. This is very important especially for high power vapers. A single cell mod will last someone vaping at 12W (the common setting for mouth-to-lung tanks) a whole day without issue. However, someone vaping at 100W (common for RDAs) will only get about 250-300 puffs before having to recharge.