​Unloaded Collection

​Unloaded Collection

27th Mar 2020

If your sweet tooth wants the sugary tastes of your youth, Unloaded has some flavors that you must explore. The brand's three e-liquids each tribute a beloved sugary taste that we can't indulge in anymore for fear of upsetting the dentist. Each flavor is made with high-quality ingredients, guaranteeing hours of vaping with no artificial aftertaste.

Double Chocolate Doughnut Vape Juice

Are you a chocolate fiend? If the answer is yes, Double Chocolate Doughnut vape juice will make all your most sinful fantasies become realities. This flavor tastes exactly like a rich and buttery chocolate doughnut that's shamelessly slathered in creamy chocolate frosting. When you inhale Double Chocolate Doughnut e-juice, the rich milk chocolate taste envelopes each taste bud with its sweet and creamy flavor. The buttery base of a fresh doughnut builds on the back of the palate before silky chocolate frosting floods the tongue on the exhale.

Sour Apple Vape Juice

Sour Apple vape juice is a sweet and sour tribute to the glorious green apple. For this e-liquid, Unloaded took the pure and clean taste of a ripe green apple and elevated the sweetness and sourness to deliver a mouth-watering taste sensation. With each inhale of Sour Apple e-juice, the sourness and crispness of green apples excites every taste bud. On the exhale, the sweetness of the apple takes over.

Strawberry Taffy Vape Juice

Strawberry Taffy vape juice tastes just like your favorite squares of strawberry-flavored taffy candy. The sweet and tangy flavor is taken to the next level thanks to the brilliant creative team behind Unloaded. Each puff gives the sweet tooth a big kiss and quenches your thirst as the vapor hits you in the throat. When you inhale Strawberry Taffy e-juice, the tangy taste of fresh strawberries makes your entire mouth tingle and salivate. Then, the sweetness of the strawberries begins to balance out the tangy taste. When you exhale, the sugary taffy flavor gives this e-liquid its sensational sweetness.

Dive into a Sugary Extravaganza

The three e-liquids from Unloaded allow you to dive into a sugary extravaganza without any of the shame. Each of these e-liquids will satisfy your most intense sugar cravings with unbelievable flavor that's no different from your favorite treats from childhood.