​Top 3 Winter-Inspired E-Liquids at Rock Bottom Vapes

​Top 3 Winter-Inspired E-Liquids at Rock Bottom Vapes

27th Mar 2020

The chilly, dark winter months have a tremendous impact on the foods that we crave. It seems like the cold and dreary days of winter make us crave rich and comforting flavors that are made with seasonal ingredients like fresh mint and spicy cinnamon. If your wintertime cravings have gone into overdrive but you don't want to pile on the calories, you can vape these yummy winter-inspired e-liquids and preserve your waistline. They're all made with quality ingredients, allowing you to enjoy them for hours on end.

Winter-Inspired Vape Flavor #3: Apple Pie Vape Juice

No holiday meal is complete without a steaming apple pie that's loaded with lusciously sweet and rich flavors. Apple Pie vape juice provides the taste buds with the same layers of tastes as mom's signature dessert. Your mouth won't stop watering as all the spectacular elements of a homemade apple pie take turns developing on the tongue. Each inhale of Apple Pie e-juice fills the palate with the glorious taste of slow-cooked apples. The sweetness of the apple flavor strikes you instantly. Then, the warm cinnamon taste emerges on the tongue. When you exhale, you'll taste the sweet and savory flavor of a flaky, buttery pie crust.

Winter-Inspired Vape Flavor #2: Wintergreen Vape Juice

Wintergreen vape juice is as icy as the streets during a blizzard. The intense mint flavor is like the taste of a candy cane. This exhilarating taste will delight you with its freshness and chilling effect on the palate. When you inhale Wintergreen e-juice, the icy kiss of fresh wintergreen will envelope your taste buds. On the exhale, the temperature continues to drop, making each taste bud tingle as the vapor flows across the tongue.

Winter-Inspired Vape Flavor #1: Vanilla Chai Rooibus Vape Juice

Vanilla Chai Rooibus vape juice is packed with all the spicy tastes that we associate with winter. The creamy finish has enough richness to keep you feeling warm during the chilliest days. The smooth flavor of rooibus tea will comfort your soul just like a steaming cup of the real thing. When you inhale Vanilla Chai Rooibus e-juice, a medley of exotic flavors like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom soak into the palate, warming you instantly. Then, a swirl of rich vanilla acts as a base for these delicious spices. On the exhale, the smooth taste of rooibus tea and the rich milk flavor drench your taste buds.

Grab These Flavors Today

These three winter-inspired flavors will carry you through the cold weather ahead. Just like your favorite wintertime treats, they are comforting, satisfying and deliciously sweet.