Top 3 Summertime E-Juice Flavors at Rock Bottom Vapes

Top 3 Summertime E-Juice Flavors at Rock Bottom Vapes

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

The sights, sounds, and experiences of summer are finally here. Our summer days are filled with barbecues, ice cream, street fairs and festivals, fruit smoothies, and of course fruity desserts. If you are looking to try out something new, which we are pretty sure you are, consider switching up your favorite vape juice flavor at Rock Bottom Vapes. We carry a wide range of the most authentic flavors along with some of the best prices in the industry. It is true, we do have a huge selection to choose from, but consider using some of your favorite summer delights to choose your new flavor.

The county fair is almost here, but lucky for you, Cinnamon Apple Fried Ice Cream by Majestic Ejuice is in stock and ready for your enjoyment. This delicious flavor adds the homemade goodness of a warm apple pie along with the unique delightful flavors of that coveted fried ice cream. Of course, this sweet tasting vape juice doesn't add the calories!

If you are looking for a High Caliber Ejuice that adds a little more punch, our site has the ideal choice for a sweet and sour fix. Our perfectly blended Blue Raspberry Lemonade is sure to delight your fruity craving as well as satisfy your palate. When the temps are at record highs, this is one e-juice flavor you want to be vaping, every chance you get.

Who doesn't like watermelon? The best time of year to find that perfect pick is during the summer. It is the go-to-flavor when you are looking for something to finish off a hard day's work, a lazy Sunday afternoon, or the pound of baked beans you just scarfed down at a barbecue. We carry High Caliber Watermelon Frost that is out of this world and sure to please. This really is a nice relaxing vape juice on those hot summer days when you just don’t want to do anything but well... relax.

Here at Rock Bottom Vapes, we carry a vast selection of e-juice brands and flavors with some of the best prices you will find online in the vaping space. We are on a mission to provide vapers with high quality, adventurous flavors, without breaking wallets. When you choose us, you can treat yourself with high quality, deliciously flavored vape juices, especially for this upcoming summer, and at nice Rock Bottom prices!