​Top 3 Fall E-Liquid Flavors from Rock Bottom Vapes

​Top 3 Fall E-Liquid Flavors from Rock Bottom Vapes

27th Mar 2020

The Fall season is here, and that means it is time to switch to new vape juices that encompass the scents and flavors of autumn. Get rid of the French vanilla ice cream and blueberry pie juices that were ideal for summer. It is time to break out some rich, deep flavors that embody the fall spirit.

Fall E-Liquid #3: Our 4 Tobacco 30ml by High Caliber
Vapers just starting out may want to stick to a tobacco juice that reminds them of the cigarettes they used to smoke. It helps make the transition to vaping go smoothly. A straight tobacco taste isn't ideal, though, so it is best to find an option that pairs other flavors well. For Fall, it’s a good option. Rich and deep tobacco scents fill the air, but with a hint of vanilla and caramel to make it more worthwhile and add a touch of sweetness. It is just like the vanilla caramel candies given out at Halloween time.

Fall E-Liquid #2: Like A Sir 30ml by Not Too Shabby
If sweet and rich is the flavor you're going for, Like A Sir 30ml by Not Too Shabby is the taste to try. Sea salted caramel offers the perfect fall flavor, but it doesn't stop there. Butterscotch is mixed in as well, along with a dash of vanilla bean. All three come together to make a complex yet sweet juice you won't want to miss out on this autumn.

Fall E-Liquid #1: Cinn-a-Bun 30ml by High CaliberSome spices bode well in the Fall, and the same holds true for this Cinn-a-Bun option by High Caliber. The sweet cinnamon flavor paired with a hint of spice makes this e-liquid the perfect treat for autumn. There is even a dash of butter that makes it even more decadent. You will get the image of eating a warm cinnamon roll on a cool fall morning and wish you had the sweet breakfast item in your hand to really enjoy.

With the Fall season underway, now is the time to try out some special flavors at Rock Bottom Vapes. These top three choices manifest the feelings of what autumn should offer - sweet yet rich flavors and scents that offer a warm sensation in the cool, crisp air of Fall. Take a hit and you can just imagine the leaves falling all around you.