​Top 2 St. Patrick's Day E-Liquid Flavors at Rock Bottom Vapes

​Top 2 St. Patrick's Day E-Liquid Flavors at Rock Bottom Vapes

17th Mar 2018

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, it's time to step up your vaping game to celebrate this beloved holiday. These three vape juices will help you get into the holiday spirit by providing you with delicious flavor while you booze it up like nobody's business.

Sour Apple by Unloaded

Sour Apple vape juice is the perfect St. Patrick's Day flavor if you gravitate toward all things green. The tart green apples are intensely sour while the candy-like finish gives the sweet tooth plenty of sugar. On the inhale, Sour Apple e-juice squirts its sour nectar onto the entire tongue, making the mouth pucker on contact. The crispness of the apple flows down the palate. Then, on the exhale, the sugary finish delights the sweet tooth tremendously.

Unicorn Treats by Humble Juice

Unicorn Treats vape juice from Humble Juice will make you feel as lucky as a leprechaun thanks to its uncanny resemblance to a particularly Irish-themed cereal that we all loved as kids. The puffy marshmallow treats will make your sweet tooth go wild with pleasure. Each inhale of Unicorn Treats e-juice provides your tongue with the taste of fluffy marshmallow treats. The exhale tastes just like sugary cereal.

These e-liquids will help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style.