​The Fill Line is There for a Reason

​The Fill Line is There for a Reason

Posted by David Nadel on 20th Oct 2017

There are many things you need to pay attention to when you are vaping, and one of those things is making sure you don't over-fill or under-fill your vape tank. By doing so, you can eliminate a few problems. We are going to talk more about what the fill line is and why you shouldn't overfill it.

For starters, the fill line on the tank is visible line that shows where you should fill. You shouldn't fill it below or above this line. One thing to know about the fill line is that it can differ from tank to tank. In other words, depending on the tank, the line might be lower or higher. Another thing to know is if, for some reason, your tank does NOT have a fill line, then remember to just not fill past the top or bottom the chimney (depending on bottom or top fill tanks).

Surprisingly, a lot of vapers don't even realize that their tank even has a fill line. This causes them to either fill the tank too much or not enough. Both scenarios can end up causing issues. For example, if you fill the tank too high, you can run the risk of your tank leaking. This can cause the e-liquid to leak through the center and end up flooding the tip of your vape. If this happens, you will end up having a strange taste in your mouth. In addition, leaking can cause your coils to be ruined. Under-filling your tank can also cause you to have dry hits. These not only taste bad, but it can damage your vape in the long run.

The biggest reason why you need to pay attention when filling your tank is because you want to make your vape last as long as you can, and have the perfect hit each time. You didn't spend all kinds of money just to end up getting bad hits. You bought your e-liquid because you wanted to be able to taste the flavor in each puff but over-filling and under-filling can prevent that from happening. The way that you can ensure that you fill your tank correctly each time is just by taking it slow and just paying attention to where the fill line is.

There are a lot of vapers out there who are filling their tanks wrong and might not realize that there is a certain spot where you should fill to. Hopefully, this article gave you some new insight and will assist you to get the ideal hit each time, as well as maybe answer some questions that you had about problems that have been occurring with your device. If you fill it where it needs to be, then you shouldn't have any issues.