​The Essentials Premium e-Liquid - 30ml

​The Essentials Premium e-Liquid - 30ml

24th Jan 2018

Something magical happens when Beard Vape Co and Craft Vapery join forces. This exciting collaboration has resulted in these exquisite vape juices that are guaranteed to blow your mind. Each vape juice was developed for months until it was just right. This special collection is sold as a bundle, allowing you to enjoy all three flavors without spending a ton of money.


Morning vape juice is a luxurious pastry that's perfect for the breakfast hours. This flavor is a buttery and flaky cronut that is drizzled with a refreshing lemon glaze. Each hit provides the tongue with delicate flavors that satisfy every single taste bud.

When you inhale Morning e-juice, that zesty lemon glaze activates your salivary glands with its kiss of tartness. The lemon flavor becomes sweeter as the rich taste of a cronut smothers the tongue in notes of butter and sugar. When you exhale, that pastry flavor intoxicates you as the lemon glaze becomes sugary beyond belief.


If you're enchanted by the taste of a fresh mojito, Afternoon vape juice is the perfect pick-me-up for when you're experiencing that afternoon slump. The blend of spiced rum, zesty lime juice and cool mint will refresh every taste bud while invigorating your senses. This vape juice tastes exactly like that tantalizing cocktail.

On the inhale, Afternoon e-juice intrigues your taste buds with the taste of spicy rum. The rum flavor's sugary notes emerge as a twist of tart lime juice lands on the tongue. When you exhale, the flavor becomes pleasantly sweet as a blast of cold mint cools you off.


When you're craving a midnight snack, Night vape juice has got your back. This decadent flavor is the perfect treat for your sweet tooth during the evening hours. The flavor consists of a red velvet cupcake that's smothered in rich, thick cream cheese frosting. Notes of vanilla and chocolate add delectable complexity to this stunning flavor.

As you inhale Night e-juice, the distinctive taste of a moist and rich red velvet cupcake coats the palate. The sweetness becomes stronger as the notes of butter soak your tongue. When you exhale, cream cheese frosting melts into the taste buds as those notes of vanilla and chocolate swirl around in the mouth.

Grab This Exclusive Collection

The three e-liquids from The Essentials Premium E-Liquid ensure that you have the perfect flavor for every hour of the day. Whether you crave a rich cupcake, a refreshing cocktail or a buttery pastry, your palates' fantasies will come to life when you grab this exclusive collection.