Headaches from Vaping - How to Get Rid of Vape Headache

Headaches from Vaping - How to Get Rid of Vape Headache

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Vaping’s the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor which produced by a vaping device. Vapers are now numbered at nearly 4 million. PHE is now recommending that smokers try vaping. It has become a popular alternative to smoking of tobacco. Though the side effects of vaping are rare, they do exist and can be managed, and in many cases only require a few adjustments in what or how you are using it.

Just as any other device, vaping has its side effects however, none are nearly as dangerous as smoking a cigarette. Headaches have been the most common side effect reported as being associated with vaping. The most obvious association is too much nicotine. Beginner vapers should start out with the lowest nicotine percentage possible and work their way up. In most cases, vaporers that are experiencing this side effect notice a difference after adjusting the nicotine level.

Another cause for headaches could be propylene glycol, a synthetic organic compound found in most e-liquids. Propylene Glycol (PG) has a dehydrating effect that can also lead to headaches. Increasing water intake should resolve this issue. There is also a possibility of sensitivity to propylene glycol, which could also be the root cause of headaches while vaping. In this case, choosing an e-juice with a 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or higher content may be the answer.

Nicotine poisoning could be another cause of vaping headaches. Though very rare for a vaporer to reach the level of nicotine poisoning, it is always good to be aware of the possibility. To narrow the chances of a headache while vaping or possibly diminish them all together, opt for VG instead of PG. Some vaporers may have an allergic reaction to the VG but it is a better alternative.

After all the chemical adjustments, there is one other factor that may contribute to vaping headaches, amount of pulls or the length of the vaping session. Sometimes too much nicotine can cause it. Usually, stopping the vaping session will resolve this issue.

Being aware of all the possible side effects of vaping is ideal. Vaping has become a life changing experience for former smokers across the globe. It is always best to do your own research but do not be deceived by false info and myths created by anti-vaping interests. When purchasing a vapor be sure to choose one high in quality and follow the direction given to avoid all unnecessary incidents or side effects. If you continue to have headaches or other side effects after making the above adjustments, see your physician as soon as possible, there may be a bigger underlying issue.