Temperature Control Vaping Guide 2018 [Beginner's Friendly]

Temperature Control Vaping Guide 2018 [Beginner's Friendly]

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Many believe that temperature control is the next level in vaping. Let's investigate this claim and find out the 411 concerning temperature controlled vaping.

Since the emergence of vaping, more and more smokers are opting for this method over the traditional cigarette or cigar one of days past. The pull is cleaner, less harsh on the throat, and allows the inhaler to control their level of nicotine intake as well as the temperature.

What's the Big Deal with Temperature Control?
Temperature controlled vaping is becoming popular with experienced vapers for various reasons, but before we get into the heart of this topic lets go over three simple definitions because we acknowledge this is an advanced topic:

A “Personal vaporizer” or “Advanced Personal vaporizer” Are the terms used to describe the various devices utilized to vape nicotine e-liquid.

2. MOD
The term MOD is used to refer to the modification from the electronic cigarette into the various beautiful and sleek models they have evolved into. Basically, if it isn't an e-cig it's a mod.

The liquid mixture of various ingredients:
*Vegetable Glycerin
*Propylene Glycol

For a great list of PV/APV, MODs, and E-Liquid flavors check out: https://www.rockbottomvapes.com/mods-apvs/temperature-control-mods

The Pre-Temperature Control Era
Various materials are used for the construction of vaping coils but the one that showed the best results in dealing with the temperature was created from Kanthal wire.

What is a Dry Hit?
When the wick hasn’t absorbed enough e-liquid to coat the coil and you fire your device and inhale the results of the pull are the dreaded ever disgusting dry hit. You are burning not only the coil, but the wicking material which can consist of cotton, mesh wire, or other synthetic material. This is prior to the engineering of temperature controlled vaping.

Adjusting your MOD via temperature control wasn't even a thought until innovated companies released devices that delivered the option of utilizing nickel coils. Nickel coils are non-resistance and give a more precise control over the heat that's delivered to the wick and e-liquid.

Most of the current MODs come with temperature control features and the premium tanks are equipped with coil heads consisting of Ni200 (Nickel) and/or Titanium as well as Stainless Steel.

What’re the Dynamics Behind Temperature Control Mechanism?
They have built-in sensors that detect changes in resistance of the coil and utilize this information to estimate and adjust the temperature output.

The Benefits of Temperature Control
The benefits are simple: more control, a smoother hit, and less dry hits. You could personalize each hit you take from your MOD. This is the perfect tool for those looking to cut back or even quit smoking.

How Voltage Works vs How Wattage Works
The higher the temperature in a MOD, the higher the voltage. The higher the wattage, the higher the voltage. The difference lies in the way a constant temperature is regulated within your device.

To ensure a full-flavored vaping moment, experiment with the temperature of your coils. Although most MODs max out at about 600 degrees, you will find that there is no number that isn't etched in stone, especially across different MODs. Different coils will also give you unique additives to the taste of your pulls.

Temperature controlled MODs not only deliver on a wide variety of great flavors, they also produce gigantic clouds of vapor, especially when loaded with the right e-liquids.

When starting out with temperature controlled vaping, remember to take baby steps until you find the mod that has the features that suit your needs.