​Stay Clear of Awful Dry Hits!

​Stay Clear of Awful Dry Hits!

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Nothing bursts a bubble quite like a dry hit. If you have been vaping for some time, you obviously know what am talking about- that time when you are just getting to the right flavor and vapor balance then a dry hit happens. Awful, right? For those that are just starting to vape, a dry hit is that burnt taste accompanied by a burnt smell. At all costs, you want to avoid dry hits. But, before you learn how to do that, it is important that you understand what a dry hit is.

What Is a Dry Hit?

A dry hit happens when your wicks aren’t properly saturated with e-liquid. Consequently, the heat from the coils starts to burn the wicks because there is no juice to be evaporated. Therefore, the key to avoiding burnt hits is ensuring that at all times your wick are properly saturated. Here are some tips to keep dry hits at bay.

Tips to Prevent Dry Hits

Tracking E-juice Level

Tracking the level of e-juice in your tank is one step to preventing dry hits. Remember that dry hits are common because of inadequate saturation of wicks. Therefore, it is important that your vape tank has enough e-liquid whenever you are vaping. If you let your tank run dry, you will make your wick vulnerable to burning.

Vaping Technique

Your vaping technique could be the reason why you are getting dry hits. To avoid this, ensure that you are not taking very long and hard drags. If you are chain vaping, your wick might not get enough time to saturate, hence the dry hits.

Proper Priming

To have a smooth vaping experience, you are advised to prime your wicks and coils before vaping. To prime your wicks, close all air holes then start to suck on the drip tip. This will ensure that your e-juice gets to every part of the wick. However, it is important that you avoid sucking too hard as this might lead to gurgling. Also, ensure that you trim your wick so that not too much of it sits on top of the deck. Otherwise, your e-liquid inlets might be blocked, which leads to the poor saturation of wicks.

Check your Variable Wattage / Voltage Setting

High wattages are a common reason for dry hits, particularly where the e-liquid has a high PG base ratio. To avoid this, simple lower the settings a notch. However, this might not be the solution when working with high VG e-liquids.

Bottom Line

There is no foolproof way to avoid dry hits. However, it is worth following the above tips to reduce your chances of a dry hit. But, if you have applied all the above and continue to get burnt hits, it might just be a tell sign that you need a new tank.