Quick Traits That Make a Modder a Modder

Quick Traits That Make a Modder a Modder

Posted by David Nadel on 16th Jul 2017

In the world of vaping, there are vapers who others view as true modders and others who are viewed as posers or someone who is just trying to be cool. There are many traits that correlate to a true modder that people believe someone must have to be able to call themselves one. Pretending to be a modder or being a poser is something that really upsets true modders in the vape world. These are some of the traits that let others know that someone is, indeed, a true modder.

Modder Trait #1: Hardware Modders Use

The first, and possibly biggest, trait of a true modder is the type of hardware they are using. You aren't going to see one of these people using a "cig-a-like". A "cig-a-like" is essentially a battery powered unit that looks like a cigarette and even has an LED at the end to mimic the way a cigarette looks when hit. These are basic models. A true modder will more than likely be using a MOD that they created and take great pride in. Their model will have their preference of wick type, atomizer type, and throat hit. When it comes to modding, there are so many different parts that can be customized and many true modders will be use a type of unit that is called a box mod.

Modder Trait #2: Size and Type of Clouds

The next trait of a true modder is the size and type of clouds they make. In the world of vaping, clouds are one of the things that a lot of vapers enjoy. True modders are going to take the time to get the biggest clouds they possibly can and learn to do tricks. Not only does it look cool but others will be impressed as well. There are so many different tricks that can be mastered and a true modder is always learning how to do the most impressive and newest ones that they can. On the other hand, someone just trying to fit in isn't going to care about clouds and if they do they are going to end up being small and unimpressive since they don't really know what they are doing to begin with.

Modder Trait #3: Experimenting

The third trait of a true modder is their experiments. They will always be tinkering with different materials and parts to make a better device. They will experiment with everything from different materials and colors to different types of batteries, coils and wicks. They will always be trying to outdo the last MOD that they bought or created. Being able to make and customize your own MODs can one of the top things you can do in the vape world! While it takes a lot of practice and a little knowledge, so you don't end up completely messing up your unit, you can easily do research or watch someone else doing it and be able to learn the basics.

Modder Trait #4: Using Only The Best

The last trait is if they don't customize their vapes; they will be using a popular and sought after pre-made MOD. They won't be using a unit that is basic and boring. They will probably have the newest and flashiest device out there. The reason they want this is because they want to be able to have the best of the best to allow them to be who they are as modders.

These are clear traits when it comes to spotting a true modder. They aren't fake and they aren't vaping just to fit in or seem cool. They enjoy doing tricks and making big clouds and they enjoy having the best of the best. They are very easy to spot and if you want to learn some tips and tricks then they are the ones you should talk to.