​Not Too Shabby Collection

​Not Too Shabby Collection

11th Jan 2018

Not Too Shabby has given vape enthusiasts some of the most enchanting flavors that money can buy. Each vape juice from this collection contains high-quality flavoring ingredients. As a result, you won't have to deal with any artificial-tasting flavors messing with your vaping experience. Each e-juice explodes with intoxicating tastes that will linger in your mouth long after you exhale.

Blazberry Cream

Blazberry Cream vape juice is an extravaganza of enticing flavors. The blackberries and raspberries have that tart and sweet taste that makes the mouth water uncontrollably. The rush of sweet cream at the end makes this flavor indulgent beyond words.

With each inhale of Blazberry Cream e-juice, a rush of tart and tangy berries nestle into the taste buds, saturating them with delicious juice. The sweetness of the blackberries and raspberries becomes more and more pronounced as this exquisite flavor drips down the tongue. With each exhale, a stream of rich, smooth cream makes your tongue feel drunk with happiness.


There's something about the taste of tart and sweet grapefruit that refreshes us all over as soon as that juice hits the tongue. Deecent vape juice glorifies the beautiful pink grapefruit by providing the tongue with the various flavor notes that we associate with this fruit. Hints of orange and lemon provide balance.

When you inhale Deecent e-juice, the tartness of the grapefruit excites you without overwhelming you with sourness. Then, orange and lemon flavors splash onto the tongue, invigorating your senses with wonderful citrus juice. When you exhale, the sweetness of the grapefruit dominates.


Distortion vape juice is a beverage flavor that's guaranteed to refresh you when you're feeling incredibly thirsty. By blending together sweet iced tea, zesty lemonade and the sugary taste of your favorite energy drink, Not Too Shabby has given us the ultimate thirst-quencher.

With every inhale of Distortion e-juice, that tart lemonade flavor wakes up every sleepy taste bud. Then, the sweet and slightly bitter iced tea flavor runs across the tongue. When you exhale, the sugary and fruity taste of an iconic energy drink revitalizes you from head to toe.

Fatboy's Delight

Fatboy's Delight vape juice is a dessert flavor for pastry fanatics. Not Too Shabby took a delectable pastry and stuffed it with cream and banana slices before dusting the whole thing with warm, spicy cinnamon.

When you inhale Fatboy's Delight e-juice, that smooth banana flavor elates your taste buds. Then, the buttery and rich pastry flavor emerges on the front of the palate. That cinnamon taste adds depth to the flavor profile before thick, rich cream floods your tongue.

Fruity Rebels

Do you have wonderful memories of eating a big bowl of fruity pebble cereal? If that flavor still intoxicates your palate, Fruity Rebels vape juice will satisfy you with every puff. The sugary and fruity flavor will take care of your cravings all day long without the guilt.

As you inhale Fruity Rebels e-juice, a variety of fruit flavors hit the taste buds. Flavors like grape, lime, apple, orange and lemon take turns kissing the tongue. Then, when you exhale, the flavor becomes sugary sweet, convincing you that you're munching on spoonful after spoonful of this beloved cereal.

Like A Sir

Like A Sir vape juice is a decadent dessert flavor that's packed with all of the rich and sweet tastes that you dream about on a daily basis. While those clouds drift across the tongue, you'll enjoy the flavors of rich butterscotch, salted caramel and silky vanilla. Best of all, you won't consume a single calorie while you vape this luxurious e-juice.

On the inhale, Like A Sir e-juice drizzles salted caramel onto the tongue. With those sweet and salty notes, your mouth will water right away. Then, rich butterscotch enters the picture with its creamy goodness. When you exhale, vanilla bean flavor balances out the richness of the caramel and butterscotch tastes.


N.A.S.M. vape juice isn't your grandma's strawberry and cream flavor. This vape juice is taken to the next level thanks to subtle notes of citrus and an extra dose of sugar. Those strawberries will soak your taste buds in sweet berry flavor while that drizzle of thick cream will make you feel heavenly.

With each inhale of N.A.S.M. e-juice, the blast of strawberry flavor punches you in the palate with its tangy and sweet notes. Then, a twist of invigorating citrus adds a zesty element that makes you drool. When you exhale, the flavors become sugary sweet before incredibly silky cream drips down your tongue.

Super Cereal

Super Cereal vape juice is a cereal flavor that's as intense as it gets. You'll enjoy that smack of sugary fruit flavor that instantly brings back happy memories of weekend mornings. The milky finish will make you feel like you're eating endless bowls of your favorite crunchy cereal from back in the day.

On the inhale, Super Cereal vape juice pounds the palate with the authentic taste of fruity, sugary cereal. Every exhale unleashes a river of milk that drenches your tongue.

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