Maganus DVC Sub-Ohm Coils in a 5 Pack

Maganus DVC Sub-Ohm Coils in a 5 Pack

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Maganus offers good DVC Replacement Coils in 5 packs that will allow you to continue vaping with high quality taste. Here are some of the reasons that these replacement coils are worth buying.

What Are They Good For?

There is no better way to sub-ohmwhile chasing clouds than using replacement parts from Maganus. The Maganus DVC Replacement Coil 5-Pack is reasonably priced and are guaranteed to keep you vaping like a pro. They are the perfect replacement for your Maganus Tank. The Organic Japanese Cotton used in these extra large coils are better than the typical coil.

They are compatible with:

  • Maganus Ni
  • Maganus DVC
  • Vapeston Ceramikas
  • Freemax Starre

It is recommended that you use wattage between 20 and 150 watts at 0.2 Ohms and 20 and 100 watts at 0.5 Ohms. 5 replacement coils come in the package to keep you vaping well into the future. They are cheaper than other replacement coils and can handle a wider range of wattage. You can even use these replacement coils in your Herakles and Atlantis mods.

When purchasing these replacement coils make sure that you specify whether you want the 0.2 ohm or 0.5 Ohm version. They weigh only 7 grams in a 12mm x 12mm x 27mm shell.

What They Do

These specially engineered replacements use dual vertical coils. They use organic cotton to preserve the most flavor and to help produce huge clouds. They can outperform all the other rebuilt coils that are being sold. The replacement coils in this package are silver plated at the connection point to create the best conductivity with a lower drop in voltage. There is no problem keeping the coils saturated while producing huge clouds of vapor. They are great for customers who have devices capable of more than 50 watts.

For a cheap and effective replacement to your coils in your ECG setup try out the Maganus DVC Replacement Coils now sold in a 5-pack to help you save time and money.