​Keep It 100 Collection

​Keep It 100 Collection

27th Mar 2020

The vape juice collection from Keep It 100 takes classic flavors from our childhoods and elevates them with refined flavor components. The seven e-liquids each boast superior flavor and quality, satisfying the sweet tooth with clean-tasting ingredients.

Blue Slushy
If you're a fan of fruity slushy beverages, you've got get your hands on Blue Slushy vape juice. The ultimate refresher, this e-liquid delivers sour blue raspberry and sweet strawberry flavor that will quench your thirst and make your mouth pucker. When you inhale Blue Sushy e-juice, the irresistibly tart taste of blue raspberry makes your tongue water like nothing else. As the blue raspberry flavor becomes sweeter, zesty and sweet strawberry flavor joins the party. These two fruity tastes marry on the exhale.

Kiberry Killa

A kiwi and strawberry flavor that will quench your thirst as soon as the vapor smacks the palate. The sweet and tangy flavor combination will make you think of hot summer afternoons spent sipping on freshly-squeezed fruit juice. On the inhale, Kiberry Killa vape juice exhilarates the tongue with tangy kiwi taste. The kiwi flavor is exceptionally juicy, saturating your tongue with its refreshing nectar. Then, the strawberry flavor enters the picture, satisfying you with its sweet berry taste. On the exhale, these two fruits become sugary sweet.

Krunchy Squares

Krunchy Squares vape juice is the ultimate gift for your inner child. This flavor is a loving tribute to those crunchy squares of French toast cereal that you used to slather in milk as a kid. Each puff will bring you back to those weekend mornings spent watching endless cartoons. When you inhale Krunchy Squares e-juice, the familiar blend of sugar and cinnamon will comfort you. The flavor becomes sweeter as the slightly savory French toast flavor takes over on the exhale.

Mallow Man

Mallow Man vape juice lets you indulge in a naughty marshmallow-stuffed sugar cookie whenever you hit your mod. With those buttery and sugary flavors, you can't go wrong. Each puff makes your sweet tooth do its happy dance as the aroma of the e-liquid intoxicates you. As you inhale Mallow Man e-juice, buttery sugar cookie flavor makes its way across the taste buds, causing you to drool like nobody's business. The sugary sweetness starts to take over the tongue before that creamy marshmallow taste elates your palate on the exhale.

Peachy Punch

If you like your fruit juices to have an extra kick of sugar, Peachy Punch vape juice will rejuvenate your spirits. The blend of peaches, apples and mangoes is given an extra dose of sweetness, resulting in a flavor that tastes like your favorite fruit punch. On the inhale, you'll get a hit of crisp apple flavor before sweet, sticky peach juice soaks the tongue. The apple flavor becomes sweeter as a rush of mango flavor develops on the front of the palate. On the exhale, these three flavors become sugary sweet.

Pink Burst

Pink Burst vape juice will blow you away if you used to snack on those little squares of sweet, fruity taffy. The flavor of this e-liquid will make you think of warm summer afternoons spent as a kid. The fruity taste will refresh you while that sugary candy finish will satisfy your sweet tooth's cravings. Each inhale of Pink Burst e-juice sends a river of intense strawberry flavor down the tongue. The tangy and sweet taste is as intense as the real thing. On the exhale, the sugary taffy taste makes your sweet tooth shout with joy.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Milk vape juice is a flawless recreation of that creamy and sweet strawberry milk from the old days. Every puff will tantalize you with the smooth and silky flavor of that classic beverage. When you inhale Strawberry Milk e-juice, the tang and sweetness of the strawberry flavor dominates. When you exhale, the flavor becomes unbelievably rich and creamy.

Dazzle Even the Pickiest Vaping Sweet Tooth

The Keep It 100 vape juice collection will dazzle even the pickiest sweet tooth. All the e-liquids in this collection will win you over with satisfyingly sweet and authentic flavor.