Innokin MVP4 100W Temp Control Box Mod Review

Innokin MVP4 100W Temp Control Box Mod Review

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Variable wattages devices have come to be darlings to advanced vapers. As such, manufacturers are under pressure to constantly improve on their vaping devices, in terms of performance and aesthetics, if they are to make any sales. This is the case for the Innokin MVP4 | 100W Temp Control Box Mod, which is an improvement from iTaste MVP3. It has the outstanding performance of MVP3 but with enhanced power and performance features. This and the fact that it is produced by a very reputable manufacturer, Innokin- known for leadership in the design and manufacture of premium variable wattage devices, makes Innokin MVP4 the next best Box Mod available from Rock Bottom Vapes.

The Innokin MVP4 | 100W Temp Control Box Mod is one of the most powerful portable box mods, within its price range. It has a power output level of up to 100W, which is a significant improvement from the previous series that only allowed 30W. Therefore, ideal for vapers who love to chase the clouds and don’t mind punchy throat hits and warmer vapes. Additionally, this MVP holds one a very powerful battery. The 4500MAh battery allows you to vape on for days, without the need to recharge, making it an ideal Mod to carry around when going on a trip. Oh, and did I mention that you can charge your mobile phone and other accessories with this Mod? Well, it does that too. With the Innokin MVP4, you get more than just a box Mod, you get a power bank.

In addition to power, Innokin MVP4 | 100W Temp Control Box Mod proves to be one of the most accurate and easy to use Box Mods. It comes with an Aethon Chip, a highly reliable processor that allows you to vape in varying wattages and also in the Temperature Control mode, that is, if you are using Titanium, Nickel or Stainless-Steel Coils. Also, it comes with 510 Adapter which allows you to connect your favorite atomizer, if you use one with a minimum resistance of 0.1Ohms. And, to make it further easier to use, there is a bright LED display that allows you to control heat and temperature. Additionally, it helps you keep track of your battery life.

You can get it from Rock Bottom Vapes at the discounted price of $52.95.