​Electronic Cigarette Basics: Putting Your E-Cigarette Back Together

​Electronic Cigarette Basics: Putting Your E-Cigarette Back Together

27th Mar 2020

An electronic cigarette is a type of hand held electronic gadget that gives the same feeling as smoking, without the tar and other harmful chemicals. This gadget is composed of several parts, and that alone presents a major challenge to those who are new to using them, regardless of how simple they may look. This article is going to explore the various parts of the e-cigarette and how the parts can be put together to come up with a functional device.

To start with, the electronic cigarette has the following major parts or units that in turn have sub parts in it:

  • The first unit is the power unit. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of which they also come in different capacities. The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer it will last and vice versa. It also has a port where the charger is plugged into. This is the part that powers the entire device.
  • The other unit is called the atomizer. This part has a thin, inbuilt coil that heats up the liquid when they come into contact, turning it into vapor.
  • The tank or cartomizer in a re-usable electronic cigarette is another component of the device. This is where all the liquid is stored before vaporization, as well as where new liquid is filled up in. It is important to note that for disposable e-cigs and the real basic e-cigarettes, this part is referred to as the “cartridge”.
  • Finally, another major component of an electronic cigarette is a mouthpiece. This is the part that conveys the vapor from the atomizer to the user's mouth. Also, some mouthpieces may be inbuilt into the cartridge, making them to appear like regular cigarettes.

Having familiarized with the parts of an electronic cigarette, it is time to put the parts together and come up with a functional device:

  • Unscrew the mouthpiece and fill the tank to the proper level. Put the mouthpiece back in place and ensure it is tight enough.
  • From there all you got to do is plug the cartomizer to the power unit and power on your device.

To conclude, note that this two-step assembly will apply to most basic electronic cigarette devices. For the more advanced electronic cigarettes, it’s therefore the responsibility of the individual using the device to check with the manufacturer's instructions in the manual that usually accompanies the starter kit on how to put the device together. You also have the option to contact the manufacturer about any problem encountered during the assembly process.