​E-Cigarettes Have Helped Many People

​E-Cigarettes Have Helped Many People

27th Mar 2020

Smoking is one of the most prominent health hazards in active, legal popularity. Worldwide, tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death. A little less than half of current smokers have attempted to quit in the last year. We know the risks of cigarette smoke, and the addictive properties of nicotine, but smokers have such a hard time kicking the habit that they often try again and again to quit. No one wants to lose a family member or put their family through something as stressful and terrifying as cancer diagnosis and treatment. The electronic cigarette has been a life preserver for some, helping to reduce risks while keeping smokers from feeling they're giving up on what they enjoy. 

The e-cigarette has been in the news, and the improvements that it's made to the lives of smokers are astounding. An example of the benefit of an e-cigarette vs. a traditional cigarette would be the lack of second-hand smoke. The e-cig's vapor is essentially water without any of the dangers associated with second-hand smoke; a parent doesn't have to avoid their children while scratching a nicotine itch, they can keep playing with their children without putting them at risk. This also creates a social benefit- there is no stink of cigarette smoke as the vapor has no odor. The water vapor also lacks the additives that come from the cigarette's composition- tar and other substances make the smoke cling, and it can be extremely off-putting to friends and family. For family gatherings, parties or a night with friends, an electronic cigarette means the smoker isn't stuck outside watching through the window. They can handle the craving while sharing in the enjoyment without endangering anyone's health.

The health risks of cigarette smoking have mentioned tar being one of the main ingredients that cause damage to lung tissue. The e-cigarette, with only water and liquid nicotine as main ingredients, lacks tar. Individuals who have used e-cigarettes reported increased sense of taste and smell, energy levels improving, coughing fits decreasing, improved circulation and fewer digestive problems. As the body can filter out the toxins that cigarettes contain without additional levels being pushed in, overall health improves. With a few months on the e-cigarette, a former traditional smoker won't have a hard time keeping up with energetic children

There's a financial benefit to vaping as well, and this is something that both heavy and light smokers have concurred on. While the initial cost of obtaining a good quality e-cigarette 'starter kit' may seem excessive, up to 50% of a smoker's addiction costs can be saved with the usage of an e-cigarette. When a family is struggling to make ends' meet, any savings can make a huge change. Add those savings to a family member not struggling to quit smoking is a massive stress reducer.

E-cigarettes may still feed a nicotine craving, but the benefits that come from avoiding the additives of traditional cigarettes make them worthwhile. Basic logic shows that they decrease hazards, such as preventing fire damage to person and home. With so many benefits to their usage, it's clear the e-cig can have positive impacts on a smoker's life on a multitude of levels.