​Are Vaping Cartridges Becoming a Thing of The Past?

​Are Vaping Cartridges Becoming a Thing of The Past?

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Are vaping cartridges something we no longer need? Are they dying out? Will they stay around in the future? Why would anyone use cartridges when there are so many other ways to enjoy vaping that are better? Well there are quite a few implications of that question so let's try to tackle this one piece at a time.

Are Vaping Cartridges Dying Out?
The question of whether they are dying out really requires looking at what easy options there are, something that can replace the cartridges as a gateway into the vaping world. When I look at my local supermarket or convenience store, I'm starting to see a larger and larger variety of vaping products becoming available, from the traditional cig-a-likes and cartridges, to actual setups, to juice, to pre-filled disposable tanks. Their use may see a decline over time in any individual, it's almost simply the natural progression of vaping. Moving from one form into the next more advanced and complex form is something we all do, trying to reach that next level, be it of nicotine hit, cloud production, or flavor. So, it stands to reason that for an individual vape cartridges would die out.

Will They Stay Around in the Future?
But what about for a group? In a group of people, we must look at availability, because at the end of the day, their presence in the future is all based on supply and demand. So, in a lot of cases, these cartridges are selected to help an individual move away from smoking, or as an alternative. A few factors someone might look at is initial cost, cost of continuing, and does it recreate that cigarette experience. In these categories really, cartridges are comparable to cigarettes in continuing price and they aren't as expensive as moving into coil vaping for the startup cost. So, for someone just starting these are a attractive option, and they are all wrapped up in a familiar package.

The Verdict
Honestly, I think that how long vaping cartridges stay around is highly dependent on startup cost on more complex pieces going down, as well as having an easy way to translate from traditional cigarettes. With prices going down and vaping becoming more widespread every day, it really isn't unreasonable to think that in time vaping cartridges will be a thing of the past. It will be far easier to get into vaping on a piece with a disposable coil, or maybe even an RDA as time marches on and the barrier of entry drops. Up until then though, there will almost always be a place for cartridges as an introduction to vaping that is quick, easy, and gets your fix. For a while at least.