Airflow and How It Impacts the Vaping Experience

Airflow and How It Impacts the Vaping Experience

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Many vape connoisseurs often wonder if airflow matters when it comes to your device. It does and we’ll explain why.

In the beginning of the vaping industry, when the first devices started hitting the scene, airflow was very limited. Manufacturing was more cost effective and easier. The flow was designed to be quite limited across the entire board of products; most of these products mimicked cigarettes.

The idea was to simulate the experience of a traditional cigarette for consumers making the conversion. This is no longer the case as most current devices are either manufactured with more airflow or have adjustable airflow.

There are two main components of the vaping experience directly affected by airflow. The temperature harshness of the clouds being produced and the level of flavor experienced during the session. We will take a closer look at both.

The harshness of the vape byproduct is affected by the level of airflow that the device accomplishes. The idea is rather simple. More air passing through the coils of the device mixes with the vape cloud and will basically just dilute it. This means that more airflow is going to instantly result in a vape that is not nearly as harsh and is very cool in temperature. More air cools the warm vapes down and allows the user to more easily take draws without experiencing much harshness and warmness. Some vapers, however, prefer the feel of warm vape in their mouths as it reminds them of the tobacco experience.

Less airflow will adversely make the vapor hotter. Vapers that miss the traditional experience usually enjoy warmer vape clouds. Many of them wind up settling for a happy medium in which the vape is just the right temperature for their liking. Not all devices allow adjustable airflow as a feature. If you have a temperature preference, you might want to carefully do research on any non-adjustable model that you might be considering for purchase.

The second characteristic often sought after, via the adjustment of airflow, is the flavor of your clouds. Just as additional air crossing the coils causes dilution that affects the temperature, it also dilutes the taste of the juice. The concept is the same as with temperature and harshness. More air equals less taste and less air equals more taste. As with temperature, if you have a specific flavor intensity preference, do careful research on non-adjustable models that you are considering!

It is important to note that there are a few factors that can affect airflow. Always keeping your internal components cleaned (where applicable) will help the optimal possible amount of airflow to get through. If you already have limited flow, and the areas joining the coil are clogged with debris, the flow will be even more limited! The manufacturer of the device will often clearly state (usually in the instruction manual) what internal (if any) components can be cleaned.

Another factor that might affect the airflow is the device's design. Some devices might have larger mouth pieces but smaller coil compartments. This is another reason that carefully studying reviews before purchasing can be so important.

It should now be clear what an airflow feature is and how it impacts the vaping experience. Along with power, these two features are perhaps a few of the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing either an e-cigarette or a MOD.

Image Credit:Ecigclick