When to Change Your Vape Coil [4 Signs to Watch Out for]

When to Change Your Vape Coil [4 Signs to Watch Out for]

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

Before deciding that you want to replace that coil, it is vital to ensure that it is the right time to do it. Note, most of the newbie vapers will unknowingly discard coils before the required time reaches. This will cost them an enormous amount of money in the long run due to the frequent replacement of coils that still can be used.

Maybe you are new to vaping, and you want to learn the ins and outs of vaping and perhaps you are uncertain of the right time to replace the old coil. It’s important to be familiar with some of the symptoms that help you in determining that it is time to buy a new coil. By paying attention to these things, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth and avoid changing them often, if it is required.

With that said, here are 5 signs that show when it is time to replace your vape coil:

Time to Replace Your Vape Coil Sign #1: Poor Vapor Production

While using your device, you might fail to realize that the amount of vapor produced is gradually reducing with each passing day. Depending on how often you use your coil and how much of a rhythm you have when vaping, you will only notice that your coil is producing less vapor when it fails to satisfy you in the similar the way as it used to. Even though you are supposed to be watchful on the consumption of nicotine to avoid tolerance, it is more probable that your coil is not working. Once you realize that the coil does not work as well as it used to, then it is the right time to replace it.

Time to Replace Your Vape Coil Sign #2: Experiencing a Burnt Vape Taste

This is the most common symptom associated with worn out coils. It is evident that when vaping with a coil that requires replacement, you will always sense a burnt taste, irrespective of the type of e-juice you are using. The burnt flavor is a perfect indication that your coil requires a replacement quickly. In some occasions, you might opt to clean the coil. However, you will realize that your coil is damaged by the time you arrive at the stage of it producing a burnt taste. Note that if you ignore this and continue vaping with the coil at this stage, you might end up spoiling other parts of your device. You must act accordingly and get rid of the burnt irritating smell by changing your coil.

Time to Replace Your Vape Coil Sign #3: E-Juice Doesn’t Taste As Expected

Even though a burnt taste might be the strongest indicator that your coil requires replacement, it is not only the taste you will experience when you vape with a damaged coil. In some occasions, you might get an e-juice that tastes awful. You may not understand what wrong with it, but you will notice that the juice does not taste the way it is supposed to. Additionally, remaining flavor is a well a common problem linked with older coils. Once the coil is at the end of its lifespan, it is subjected to a particular e-juice for an extended period. If you try to change the juice, you will still sense the old flavor. However, if you opt to replace your coil, you will get rid of the taste produced by the old flavor.

Time to Replace Your Vape Coil Sign #4: Your Device is Producing a Gurgling Sound During The Vaping Session

In comparison to a leak, a gurgling sound produced by an e-cigarette or MOD will not be the only sign of a broken coil. However, on most occasions, the gurgling sound is caused by a coil that is not performing its work efficiently. If you continue hearing the sound even after you replace your coil, then you evidently understand that there is a big problem with your device. Note that coils are not designed to be used forever. If you are that person who vapes regularly, you will notice that your coil will only last for one week. If you are a moderate vaper, you coil might last you some weeks. For the light vapers, they usually get away with replacing their coils once in every month.

It is important always to know how to change them fast. This will help you understand what to do once the need arises. It is evident that when you use a coil for too long, you always risk ruining your vaping experience. This will result in significant issues to you if you fail to replace it within the required time.