3 Universal Summertime E-Juice Storage Tips

3 Universal Summertime E-Juice Storage Tips

Posted by David Nadel on 27th Mar 2020

If you must vape regularly, then you will have to spend a lot to get things done perfectly. From getting the right build, to having the right coils and tanks, there is a lot that can go into the process. When it comes to your e-liquids, there are things you must do to make sure they will be able to be vaped properly. Summer could be very tricky to handle this, especially because of the temperatures. One thing you may not want to do is refrigeration. Depending on the nature of the e-juices, it can be hard to predict the possible results of the process. Other better options can be effective in the process, such as these three we will be covering.

E-Juice Storage Tip #1: Use Tinted Bottles in Place of Transparent Ones
Transparent bottles are not bad, especially if the e-juices are to be used for a short duration. For long term purposes, transparent bottles may not be very effective. To store the juices properly, you need to protect them from direct sunlight. The storage means should provide a way in which the environment can be cool and dry. Transparent bottles may not be able to achieve these conditions. Since tinted bottles may not allow much of sun radiations into the bottle, the juices can be stored for a longer duration.

E-Juice Storage Tip #2: Seal the E-Juice Bottles Before Storing ThemSummer comes with a lot of heat. Two of the major enemies of e-juices are heat and light, which is very available during summer. One thing is always forgotten. The influence of oxygen on the e-juice in the presence of light can be detrimental. Usually, e-juices have some good amount of nicotine. If there is a loophole for oxygen, it reacts with the nicotine in the juice to form cotinine. This compound reduces the amount of nicotine in the e-juice and, therefore, reducing the desired values. When exposed to the summer light, the process works faster. Even after the bottles have been safely sealed, it is appropriate to consider the environment safe for storage. House basements can be safer.

E-Juice Storage Tip #3: Store the Liquid Bottles Away from Direct Sunlight and Excessive Heat
In using this third method, the result would be more effective if the first two were included. That is, using tinted bottles and sealing them so that they can be airtight. On the other hand, if you could select places with lower temperatures, the e-juice can be preserved well. One thing that you must be sure to avoid is refrigeration. There could be more harm in the process, and this can lead to faster spoilage. Regardless of the summer temperatures, there are locations within the house that can stay cool. The best selection is necessary. If you have a basement within the house, you could use it for such purposes. Usually, basements are darker, and the temperatures of the surroundings do not affect them much.

The storage and preservation of e-juices can be a huge challenge. The most common methods do not give the best results. The discouragement reduces the intake during the summer conditions. Well, not anymore. With these tips, you can keep your vape juices fresh. Controlling the conditions of the bottles improves the quality of the content. Using tinted bottles, ensuring that there is not oxygen in contact with the juices, and using considerable conditions within the house improve the quality of the product.